Lawn Care


Seasonal Lawn Services

Each season affects your lawn differently.  We adjust our service to the needs of that season.

Early Spring Application

The early spring application provides spring color and also prevent crabgrass for the season.

Late Spring Application

The late spring application builds a strong root system as well as control broadleaf weeds like dandelions.

Early Summer Application

The early summer application is a slow feeding fertilizer that gives you consistent color without burning your lawn. It also includes weed treatment.

Late Summer Application

The late summer application provides continued feeding and control of tough-to-control weeds.

Early Fall Application

The early fall application increases root production to build thickness and to control broadleaf weeds. This is a crucial time of year for weed control.

Late Fall Application

The late fall application includes a winterization. Your lawn puts this food in storage then uses it next year as needed.

Lawn care program: We use all granular fertilizers to give your lawn a balanced approach to feeding. Liquid fertilizers are mostly quick release fertilizers with a short life span creating times of excess growth followed by times of nutrient deficiency. We always blow off hard surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways to make sure everything meant for the grass is used by the grass. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so service calls between scheduled visits are always free. Let us show you how a lawn care company should treat its customers.

Additional Lawn Services

The additional services help keep your lawn healthy all year round.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is the process of removing cores of soil throughout the lawn. This relieves soil compaction which improves water absorption of the soil and also increases root growth which improves drought tolerance. Central Indiana soil consists primarily of clay which is easily compacted and as a result, annual aeration is a necessary part of good lawn programs.

Grub Prevention

White grubs are a root feeding insect that damage grass primarily in the fall. In normal weather, damage can go unnoticed until it is quite extensive. One treatment in early summer protects your lawn all year.


The best time of year to seed a lawn is late August to early September while the sun is out.  Dormant seeding, done from late November through late March, is the next best time to seed. Seeding during mid-to-late spring or early summer is not recommended.

An existing lawn with random thin areas may need aerated in multiple directions and then over-seeded. A lawn with very little grass may need slice seeding.  Our professionals will identify your conditions and then recommend the best approach for your lawn.